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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find answers to many of the common questions we receive. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us!

Ticketing and Arrival Information

What should I expect?
Every train ride at BR&W features different offerings. We recommend reviewing the ticketing page for your specific train ride for further information regarding your train ride’s exact expectations.

Where can I buy tickets?
We encourage guests to reserve tickets in advance, especially for our most popular attraction, North Pole Express, online at Walk-up tickets are sold onsite at Flemington and Ringoes stations based on availability.

What do I do when I arrive at the station?
If you have tickets, please pull them up on your phone or with your physical printout and have a car attendant check you in, or visit the Ticket Agent inside the station to check-in. If you do not have tickets, visit the Ticket Agent inside the station to make a purchase (based on availability).

The website says tickets are sold out. Can I buy some at the station?
No, we do not hold back tickets to sell at the station. If the departure says it is sold out, there are no tickets available. Feel free to check back for cancellations, as tickets can be made available at any time.

Are children allowed on board the train and do they need a ticket?
Children are encouraged to attend most of our train rides. If a train has age restrictions, such as 21+ for the Hunterdon Wine Express, those restrictions will be included in the train details on our website. Unless otherwise noted for a particular train, children under age 3 ride for free as lap riders and DO NOT need a ticket or reservation. Every child age 3+ needs a ticket, even if they ride on a parent’s lap.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, for groups of 20+, please email [email protected] to discuss group discount options.

Do you offer discounts for seniors, veterans, first responders, etc.?
We do not offer discounts for these parties.

What is the difference between Coach, Premium Coach, and First-Class seating?
Coach class is our classic, no-frills train ride experience with seats that flip for your comfort to face the direction the train is traveling. Premium Coach class includes a more intimate, less crowded seating selection and a convenient table. First Class includes the amenities of Premium Coach PLUS food and beverage service. The menu is the same on all departures and can be found on the train ticket listing.

Onboard Experience

Can I bring a stroller?
Collapsable strollers are permitted onboard the train. Children cannot ride in a stroller onboard the train unless medically necessary.

Can I move around the train while it is in motion?
We ask that passengers stay seated as much as possible during the train ride. Passengers are not allowed to move between train cars for any reason while the train is in motion unless accompanied by a car attendant.

Are there restrooms?
As of late 2023, coach #1009 has an onboard restroom. However, there is no baby-changing table onboard the train. Ringoes Station has men’s and women’s restrooms equipped with baby-changing tables. Guests must be able to climb down steep stairs to access the restrooms. There are no restrooms available at Flemington Station.

Please note: the onboard restroom should be used for emergencies only and is not guaranteed to be available during any excursion.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is not permitted onboard the train or on our platforms.

Can I bring food on the train?
Food is permitted onboard the train, and ample garbage cans are available. However, we ask that you consider our train crew when choosing food or snacks as they clean up between each train ride to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. Alcohol is prohibited on board the train or railroad property except in private accommodations and with prior approval from our Customer Service Manager at [email protected]. There are no snacks or drinks for sale onboard the train. Snacks are available for purchase in the Ringoes Station gift shop.

Location and Accessibility

Where are you located?
We have two stations. One is in Flemington at 80 Stangl Road, and the other is in Ringoes at 103 John Ringo Road. Please check your ticket so you know which station to go to. For further assistance, visit the Directions tab on our website.

Where do I park?
Flemington Station has ample free parking across from our station for guests to use. At Ringoes Station, there is a free, although smaller, parking lot across from our station for guests to use. If your train departs from Ringoes, we recommend arriving early to secure a spot.

Is the train accessible?
Due to the historic nature of our railcars, Black River & Western Railroad’s passenger train does not meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards with respect to accessibility. Guests must climb a set of stairs to board the train. Though we cannot guarantee accessibility, our team members will make a reasonable effort to provide each guest who wishes to ride the opportunity to do so. If you are concerned about whether you or a party member will be able to board the train, we recommend emailing our business office at [email protected] to discuss your circumstances.

Policies and Services

Are pets allowed?
Well-behaved, leashed dogs are invited to ride the Black River Limited train at the conductor’s discretion. We do ask that pet parents please make every effort to clean up after their pet for the convenience of our train crew. We recommend bringing a towel for your pet to sit on and other necessary supplies. Service animals are not considered pets and are permitted in all areas where customers are allowed.

Does the train run during bad weather?
Our trains run rain or shine. Trains will only be cancelled during a state-declared state of emergency. If a ride is cancelled due to inclement weather, guests will be notified via Facebook, email, and text (if opted into). Our team will work with each guest to rebook their train ride.

Can I ride in the locomotive cab?
Cab rides are sometimes available for an additional fee. Please contact [email protected] at least two weeks prior to your departure to ensure we can accommodate you.

Can I have a photo shoot or film at your station?
Only with prior authorized permission. Please contact [email protected] to coordinate this.