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Updated October 25, 2021

Dear BR&W Fans,


It's been a busy 2021! We welcomed you all back to the railroad aboard our Easter Bunny Express, Black River Limited, and Pumpkin Trains. Now as the year winds down, we're getting ready for Christmas!


For all the reasons you're used to hearing about (supply chain issues, staffing shortages, etc), we're planning a simpler, smaller scale Christmas program than you may remember from 2019. But don't worry, we're sure you'll have a great time! All departures of our Santa Express are planned to operate with steam locomotive #60, we have some fun new photo ops planned for Ringoes, and Santa will be accompanied by Mrs. Claus!

As we continue to deal with the daily reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, please remember that until further notice FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED ON BOARD ALL TRAINS. 

As always, THANK YOU for your interest and patronage, and we hope to see you at the railroad!

Thank you for your interest and support in what we do at BR&W Railroad. We can't wait to see you at the railroad!


The Volunteer Railroaders of BR&W


About BR&W Railroad

BR&W is the little-railroad-that-could, serving our community for over 50 years. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to preserving railroad history and offering our guests the opportunity to experience old fashioned steam railroading right here in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. We're proud to offer trains and events for every occasion, from holiday themed events to date night and rail-fan specials, there's something for everyone!

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