Ticket Policy

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Ticketing Policy

Don't forget to review our COVID-19 policy.


Requests for exchanges will be honored, subject to these conditions:

  • Exchanges are subject to seating availability and capacity restrictions.

  • If exchanging to a train with different pricing, the guest may be entitled to a partial refund or may be required to pay the difference in price.

  • Exchange requests MUST be received at least two (2) business days prior to your originally scheduled train.

  • Refunds / exchanges are not available due to guests arriving late / missing the train / driving to the wrong station.

  • Contact info@blackriverrailroad.com to request an exchange.


Cancellations / Refunds

  • As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, BR&W has temporarily implemented a flexible cancellation / refund policy. Any tickets purchased in 2020 are subject to a temporary policy entitling guests to cancel their tickets and receive a full refund for any reason BEFORE their train operates.

  • Cancellation / refund requests MUST be received prior to your train’s scheduled departure. Contact info@blackriverrailroad.com to request a cancellation / refund.


Train Cancellations

  • Most trains and events operate rain / snow or shine. Trains are typically only cancelled due to an official state of emergency, Gorvernor’s orders, or unforeseen mechanical issues.


In the event of a train cancellation

  • Cancellation announcements are posted on our Facebook page and the home page of our website www.blackriverrailroad.com.

  • Cancellation notices are posted as early as possible, and with at least two hours notice before a train’s scheduled departure.

  • Impacted guests will be refunded within five (5) business days. Refund confirmation will be sent via email.

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