COVID-19 Re-Opening Policy

Black River & Western Railroad


Last Update: February 1, 2021

Our Commitment to Our Guests, Members, Staff and the Public


All of us at BR&W Railroad are thrilled to resume operations and welcome you back aboard our trains! Current conditions require that we all work together to maintain a healthy and safe environment for each other. As such, we are implementing the following changes and policies. We expect these to be temporary, and will announce updates if and when changes are warranted. 
We at BR&W Railroad are committed to taking all necessary steps to maintain the health and safety of our Guests and Staff. To be successful, we need your help! Staff and Guests at BR&W are guests on private property, and are required to adhere to these rules and policies. By purchasing a ticket and / or visiting BR&W Railroad our Staff and Guests acknowledge their agreement with the following: 
Staff and Guests who have recently been exposed to COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever of 100.4 degrees Farenheit or greater, cough, or shortness of breath) will not visit. Full refunds are available. 
Guests with underlying health conditions or other reason to be concerned about exposure to COVID-19 acknowledge their option to cancel or delay their visit to BR&W Railroad. Full refunds are available. 
Access to BR&W Railroad property, including but not limited to stations, boarding platforms, picnic areas, trains, etc is restricted to on-duty Staff and Guests with pre-purchased tickets / reservations. No persons will be admitted aboard any train without a valid ticket or if they are on-duty Staff whose duties require their presence on the train. Until further notice, tickets will not be sold at stations, and are available ONLY on our website 
Staff will conduct touchless check-in at a designated area near the Flemington Station building. Guests must display their pre-purchased ticket either on their mobile device or a printout.  
All Staff and Guests must pass a health screening when entering Railroad property. These screenings will include a touchless temperature check and several questions regarding potential COVID-19 exposure. Any Guest denied entry as a result of this process will be entitled to a full refund.  
For Guests: These checks will be conducted at the designated check-in area near the Flemington Station building 
For Staff: These checks will be conducted near your work site. Check with your Supervisor for details.  
Face coverings are required for all Staff and all Guests over the age of two (2) years. Staff or Guests who are unwilling to do so must postpone their visit until such time as this requirement may be lifted. The only exceptions to this requirement are 
Staff or Guests unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons. 
The picnic area at Bowne Station, and only when social distancing of six (6) feet or greater is maintained.  
Staff working alone or at a safe distance from others where Guests are not present, with approval from their Supervisor. 
Staff eating a meal while on break, not in the presence of Guests, and socially distanced from other Staff. 
No public restrooms are available on board the train or at Flemington Station. Please plan accordingly.
Staff must only come to Railroad property when pre-scheduled for a project, shift, or other assignment. Scheduling procedures will be distributed to Staff. 
Staff will work independently or in small, socially distanced groups. 
Staff or Guests that travelled to a state covered by the current State of New jersey travel advisory, will be restricted from entering railroad premises for fourteen (14) days from their return to New Jersey. Details about the current New Jersey travel advisory may be found at

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